Saturday, March 22, 2008

Netherland National jamboree 2008

The official website is

The National Jamboree takes place from Monday 21 July until Wednesday 30 July. This means 10 days packed with challenging activities, new experiences and of course lots of fun.

The National Jamboree is an ideal summer camp for scouts and explorers (venture scouts) What sort of activities can you expect to find at the National Jamboree? Hikes, rope walks, canoeing, torch making, climbing, music, theatre, international buffet, swopping, amateur dramatics, mountain biking, friendship award, scout FM, raft building, film evenings, mega party and, of course, an unforgettable opening and closing ceremony!

The theme of the National Jamboree is ‘My future, my fantasy’ You decide what the future will look like, so just let your fantasy go wild. The programme is certainly full of new and unknown activities. Come and find out, it could be quite a surprise!

The National Jamboree will be held at the same location as in 2004, Velder estate in Boxtel north Brabant. This proved to be a perfect location for organising all kinds of activities. Just as in 2004, we hope to welcome scouts from all over Europe and make the National Jamboree a truly international event.

You can book for the National Jamboree on-line from September 2007. If you want to take part keep an eye on this site. And don’t forget to sign on for the National Jamboree news letter, so you can keep abreast of the latest developments. The National Jamboree.... Don’t miss it!!!

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