Saturday, March 22, 2008

Scouts of Mozambique will not host World Scout Moot

December 2006
Circular N° 42/2006

2008 World Scout Moot

the World Scout Committee has received a communication
from the National Board of the League of Scouts of Mozambique (LEMO) which, on the advice of its National Scout Council, has decided to withdraw from hosting the 13th World Scout Moot in 2008. In this same communication, the National Board of LEMO thanked all WOSM National Scout Organizations which have tried to support and encourage LEMO in this unique undertaking. Faced with this situation, and acting in accordance with Article XIII, 1 of the WOSM Constitution,

the World Scout Committee has decided that, in principle:
– the World Scout Moot should be postponed to 2009, or to a later date so as not to create undue and unfair competition with other regional events organised under the auspices of WOSM (such as Roverway scheduled to take place in July 2009 in the European Region) susceptible of
attracting the same type of participant,

– the World Scout Moot should still take place in Africa in order to respect the apparent intention of the World Scout Conference when it originally accepted the invitation of Mozambique to host the event, and the wish unanimously expressed by the Africa Regional Scout Committee that Africa still be retained as the eventual location of the Moot.

The World Scout Committee has also asked:
– the Educational Methods Committee and the World Scout Bureau, Central and Africa Regional
Offices, in consultation with the Africa Regional Committee, to develop an alternative concept
of the Moot based on the model of Roverway, i.e. an event in two parts whereby young people
participate in a variety of projects throughout the host country and then gather at a central
point during a few days to share experiences,

– the World Scout Bureau in co-operation with Africa Regional Committee to identify one or
several countries in the Africa Scout Region able to host the event in the newly developed
– the Secretary General to present a final proposal along the above lines to the World Scout
Committee at its March 2007 meeting.

It is the belief of the World Scout Committee that the course of action so taken and proposed is in the best interest of our Movement and will preserve the integrity, unity and credibility of World Scouting.

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